Owning a website & working on a boat

Posted on: February 16, 2015, by :

Owning a website and working a career sometimes makes it difficult to do both things. This website has never had employees. This website, since 2002 has been solely me.

I put it together slowly as time, family and job permitted. It never made money but seemed to serve people well enough. Accumulating useful information and posting it over the years and even being used as an educational guide and reference.image

in 2013 that all changed. The site was hacked through some weakness I yet don’t understand. All of the sites content was lost as there were no file back-ups. A valuable lesson learned as I thought no one would care to hack my little regional website. I was entirely wrong and stunned and devastated. I was upset more for the client websites that were also associated with this site.

I restored the client websites and never got back to this site to rebuild it. Our family website was also destroyed, it will never be rebuilt because we now maintain contact via Facebook and other social media.

if this site is to be rebuilt (and it will be) it needs more than me doing it. This site needs you and your input. This website can be your chance to publish yourself and your views if they have to do with Coastal Georgia and adjacent communities.

I kindly request you send your stories, announcements, historical articles, humor or photography to us to post here. Some of you may be selected to become site administrators and be given the opportunity to post and edit directly on the website. Full credit will be given to any person or group whose information is used here. I will reserve the right of refusal but no reasonable, responsible content will be refused.

You may contact us through the contact form on this website

thanks for looking and considering submitting here. I would love for this site, this community to grow.

Georgia’s Coast