Our 100 Miles

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Georgia’s 100 miles of coastline on the Atlantic ocean places us 16th in the nation. We rank even behind New Jersey in miles of coastline. But wow what a wonderfully different coast it is from all the others.

The Georgia coast reigns supreme for being under to un-developed on it’s coast. We live in a country now that puts a high price on nature and the environment, as we should. Of all the states and all the coast in this great country, ours is more pristine than yours…sorry, it’s true. From the Savannah river to the St. Marys river, ours is beautiful natural coast.885231_10201315952078556_1028206273_o

There are 15 major barrier islands along our coast that are oceanfront; Tybee Island, Little Tybee Island, Skidaway Island, Wassaw Island, Ossabaw Island, St. Catherines Island, Blackbeard Island, Sapelo Island, Wolf Island, Little St. Simons Island, St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island, Little Cumberland Island and Cumberland Island. Of these, only Tybee, Sea Island, St. Simons Island and Jekyll are developed to any real degree.

The remainder of these islands can be said to be in near pristine shape.

If you are fortunate enough to live here, which I am, then you understand the glory and the bounty of this beautiful place. The weather, although very warm at times, is moderated by the winds of the Gulf Stream waters winter, spring, summer and fall. This subtropical climate allows for numerous species of plants and animals to live here year-round.

So many birds and fish call this place home or begin their lives here in our miles and miles of estuary.

From a human perspective, what a wonderful place to eat. We enjoy fresh to our table fish, shrimp, blue crabs, oysters and clams. We love our low country boils and would love you to join us in a dinner fresh from the Georgia coast.

1417554_10201422122892760_27511152_oIf you have been fortunate, as I have, to travel to any other states or any other countries and haven’t visited here, then you are in for a big surprise. Having traveled  and returned time and again. you will not see the abundance in nature any where else that you see here.

We here on the Georgia coast are truly blessed. Go away then return. Come here for the first time and compare. You won’t be disappointed.