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Rare eagle tracked in Georgia

Golden find: Rare eagle tracked in Georgia Devil’s Backbone Hunting Club members didn’t know their middle Georgia lease had golden eagles. But two days after putting out road-killed deer as bait in a project studying the continent’s largest raptors, one showed up on camera. “Would you believe it?” writes club president Jodi Killen. Few might have […]

Asking for your help

Georgia’s Coast website welcomes any contribution of narrative non-fiction, journalism, essays, and submissions of fiction, photography, video and audio about coastal Georgia set in the past, present or future. The only way we will accept submissions is electronically. Please use the contact us form to initiate the dialog for submissions and contributions.  As it stands we can not offer […]

Owning a website & working on a boat

Owning a website and working a career sometimes makes it difficult to do both things. This website has never had employees. This website, since 2002 has been solely me. I put it together slowly as time, family and job permitted. It never made money but seemed to serve people well enough. Accumulating useful information and […]

The Georgia’s Coast website pledge to you

Hi, If you have enjoyed the Georgia’s Coast website since 2002, THANK YOU. Someone or some group gained access to this site and did not just toy with it but DESTROYED IT. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. This site apparently was not backed-up by the host.  So, there was no record […]