Those Colorful Fishermen

Mike Townsend: Georgia Oysterman

Local Fisherman’s Sayings

1) “On the Hill”: (location)
Not on the water, anywhere on land.
2) “The Rail”: (location)
Dry dock
3) “Like a deck full of Jellyfish in an eight foot swell” (description)
Making love to a large woman.
4) “Slack”: (period of time)
the period between tides where there is no flow in either direction.
5) “Skinny”: (adjective)
Shallow water.
6) “Hot”: (adjective)
Traveling to fast for conditions.
7) “Take ‘er down a notch” (Action phrase)
Slow the boat down.
8) “Them fish eat good” (phrase, description)
That type of fish tastes good when cooked properly.
9) “Line ‘er out” (verb)
I had to line ‘er out on how many days I was gonna fish. I had to explain to her that I was about to go fishing for two days.
10) “Ripe” (adjective)
Whatever is in that cooler has gotten ripe. The fish or bait in the cooler have spoiled and become very pungent.
11) “Fixin to” (abverb)
Ready to, on the verge of, as in I was fixin to start fishin’ when the DNR came up.
12) “Slick as Glass” or “Slick” (adjective)*
With no wind, the river was slick as glass. Flat, no waves.
13) “High and dry” (adjective).*
When a Georgia 7 to 9 foot tide goes out you can be stuck on a sand bar no where near the water.
14) “Bird’s nest” (adjective).*
Lawd boy, you better straighten out that bird’s nest. When a fisherman is not used to fishing with a bait caster and the line gets knotted into a big ole mess.

* Thanks contributor CJ Howard