Georgia has beaches? Who knew

Yes, Georgia has a coast & beaches!
Yes, Georgia has a coast and it is made up of several barrier islands from1coastmap
Tybee Island at the South Carolina border to Cumberland Island on the
Florida border.

I even heard a nationally known radio talk show host tell a caller that
he didn’t know Georgia had islands. Behind those barrier islands are
beautiful estuaries, rivers and salt marshes teaming with flora and
fauna second to none.

I almost second guess myself about revealing these facts to the
internet because it may bring even more tourists to the area. we have
plenty. Only four of our barrier islands are accessible by car, having
been connected to the mainland by causeways, they are Tybee Island, Sea
Island, Saint Simons Island, and Jekyll Island. These islands, with the
exception of Jekyll Island are heavily developed with high real estate
prices. Jekyll Island is owned by the State of Georgia and leases some
property to a handful of homeowners and businesses. The rest of the
island remains natural.

Other Georgia barrier Islands include Little Tybee, Wassaw, Little
Wassaw, Ossabaw, St. catherines, Blackbeard, Sapelo, Wolf, Little St.
Simons, and Little Cumberland Islands. If one were to come back into
the estuary, the list of islands would be even longer.

The islands in the preceding paragraph, having no causeways to them,
remain in very natural states. You are welcome to visit most of them.
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