The Mystery of Altamaha Ha

Altamaha-ha, or Altie is an alleged aquatic creature that inhabits the vast network of creeks and rivers in the estuary near the mouth of the Altamaha River in coastal Southeast Georgia, United States. Sightings are generally reported around Darien and elsewhere in McIntosh and Glynn counties.

The legend has its roots with the Native American population.altie copy

Cryptozoologists report that there have been consistant sightings of the creature, in which witnesses claim the creature is up to 30 feet long, and swims like a seal, rather than a fish or eel. They claim the rare sightings are due to the creature’s green skin, allowing it to blend into the surrounding area.

Others claim that the sightings can be more acurrately described as misidentified Manatee, alligators, dolphins or even massive sturgeon. All these species are represented in the area.

You are invited to do your own search for Altie. If nothing else, you will see abundant known wildlife and beautiful scenery.