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We The People of the Georgia Coast

Hi folks, This website was created by me. One person. I have, and have had, a dream for this website since 2002 when it was born. Celebrate the people and places that are Coastal Georgia.  If you notice some of the dates of the posts on this website, you will notice immediately that posting here […]

The Story of Savannah Skatepark by Ben Maher

By Ben Maher: Well, it started way back in October/November 2004. A 24-year-old “Me” went to a public workshop on Tybee Island, GA about fixing the dilapidated skatepark in Memorial Park. That’s where I met Jason Beulterman (then mayor pro-tem). Jason was heading up the meeting, and he wanted a new skatepark built to replace […]

Woke up that morning, heard them Statesboro Blues

The Evolution of a Musical Genre by Clay Sikes I was strolling to class one day in 1969 or 70, at what is now Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. My route to class followed a sidewalk that skirted the gym and athletic fields. As I neared the gym, I heard music from within and […]

Our 100 Miles

Georgia’s 100 miles of coastline on the Atlantic ocean places us 16th in the nation. We rank even behind New Jersey in miles of coastline. But wow what a wonderfully different coast it is from all the others. The Georgia coast reigns supreme for being under to un-developed on it’s coast. We live in a […]

Clay Sikes remembers Elijah ‘Dan’ Golphin

One of my most unforgettable ‘coastal’ characters was Elijah ‘Dan’ Golphin. The grandson of slaves, who lived and died within a few hundred feet of his birthplace in eastern Liberty County. Born in an unknown year, Dan worked for our family on Maxwelton Plantation, off and on, as long as I can remember. Strong, wise, […]

The deepening of the shipping channel in Savannah, Georgia, won’t be dredging up just mud and sand.

The deepening of the shipping channel in Savannah, Georgia, won’t be dredging up just mud and sand. For about the next nine months, divers will be working to bring up the CSS Georgia, piece by rusted piece, from nearly 40 feet down in the Savannah River. CSS Georgia, also known as State of Georgia and […]

Now some Coastal Georgia Fiction

Please enjoy this excerpt from chapter 2 of Jennifer H. Westall’s book, Love’s Providence. This portion being set on our lovely coast. To get your copy please click here Later that evening, Lily stood on the playground and squeezed the sand between her toes as a warm, moist breeze swirled strands of hair around her […]

Coastal Outdoor Adventures

We are proud to offer high quality outdoor adventures, coastal education programs, and catering services and look forward to helping you have an experience that will last a lifetime. We put customer service and satisfaction first in our business and will go the extra mile to ensure you get more than you expect. Based out […]

Calling all local crafts people and farmers!

We are always on the look out for local farm or hand made products. I f you are or know someone that has a great local product, we’ll help promote them for free right here on the Georgia’s Coast website.  Please use the Contact Us form to get the ball rolling!